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At Carrera, we monitor and resolve potential issues before they become business affecting problems. We do this through our extensive and proactive IT Support services.

Outsourced IT support can significantly ease the burden either by assisting your own IT staff or by outsourcing your IT resources completely. If you pick the right supplier to outsource your IT, your business will enjoy hassle-free IT support services, expert help when you need it, and useful advice to ensure you get the best from your IT systems whilst increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Laptop Computer Repair in Portsmouth Hampshire

Making provision for good business IT support should be a real priority in your company, your whole business depends on it. Robust and secure Computer systems play a key role in your success. Reliable and fast business IT support is about more than just reacting to problems and faults. We proactively monitor and maintain your systems. We constantly monitor and identify growing issues before they become a disruptive problem. Our support services are all UK based. Customer calls are logged via our remote management system that will keep track of your issues and help reduce recurring problems. Our highly skilled engineers will support and maintain your IT systems efficiently and with a professional attitude.

We charge a simple weekly fee on a per device basis with no minimum terms or tie ins. Our customers stay with us because they want to. We also lease equipment which includes our professional IT support services. For more information on our lease equipment click here .




Cross Platform Compatible

Fast Build Times

We create, maintain and host well-designed websites that look great across all devices including desktop and laptop computers, iPads, tablets and smartphones. Working with your ideas or creating something from scratch, we will create an attractive, informative and functional site that exceeds your expectations and meets your business objectives. We create outstanding bespoke websites with e-commerce functions that work for you from the first launch day. Our competitively-priced eCommerce websites are a great platform from which to sell your products over the internet.
We can take care of your website maintenance, hosting, backups, and making sure your website is seen on Google.

Website Design Development Hosting in Portsmouth Hampshire
Responsive Website Phone in Portsmouth Hampshire

If you want a new website, we can build an attractive, informative and functional site in approximately 2 weeks of receiving your text and content.

We charge a simple weekly fee, only chargeable when the site is live and working for you and you are 100% happy. We won’t tie you in with minimum terms or tie-ins.

Please see a few examples of our work below.


No Upfront Costs

No Contract Tie Ins

HD Quality


Our Business hosted telephones, sometimes called VoIP, are an efficient, cost-effective solution for all sizes of businesses from single users up to the many hundreds of users. Many of our clients have recently made the switch from traditional telephony to our hosted telecoms solution. This is due to its extensive range of business, financial and technical benefits to future proof your business. Simply put, hosted telephony is a telephone system that resides in the cloud rather than in your office. Users access the hosted telephone system through a business-class IP phone that we provide. Calls are made and received over an internet connection and are routed to fixed and mobile devices.

For a company looking for all the features of a full-blown on-premises system, but without the costs, our hosted phone system will be perfect for you. Delivering calls over the internet enable ultimate business flexibility enabling extensions to be distributed across sites, home workers, and remote workers using laptops or mobile devices. Users are not tied to a desk meaning flexible working is fully supported and easy to deploy. We will integrate your fixed and mobile capabilities so that you never miss a call. Any disruptions to your business due to disaster or adverse weather are a thing of the past. Call routing can be set up in the click of a button, meaning your business, stays in business when you are mobile, working from home or any other location.

Office Business Phone in Portsmouth Hampshire

Offering considerable cost savings and greater flexibility, our IP Business telephone system is quickly becoming the more favourable communication choice for businesses throughout the UK. Rather than investing in your own office based telephone system, your business can utilise a fully resilient, secure and HD quality voice solution with in-built business continuity at its core. Our telephone solution can be connected to any internet connection, giving you and your employees high-quality telephone access regardless of their location on their preferred device. Delivered via the internet, our hosted telephony solution eliminates the need for expensive hardware, dedicated telephone lines and specialised engineers. These saving are passed on to you with a low cost full featured Business phone system.

We charge a low monthly fee per phone that includes all calls to UK, and international landline and mobile calls.

  • Call Forwarding – Automatic, programmed or manual call forwarding to any number.
  • Call Transfer – The ability to transfer calls between extensions regardless of their location.
  • Simultaneous Ring or Single ring – One number can ring all your phones or just chosen phones.
  • Call Park/Call Pickup – Place a call on hold and allow anyone to dial an extension and take the call.
  • Call Waiting – Receive a tone indicating another call is waiting for attention.
  • Do Not Disturb – With the press of a button, sends calls straight to voicemail.
  • Conferencing – Allow 3 or more parties to connect together.
  • Caller ID – Identify (or block identification) of the caller’s phone number or phone number and name.
  • Forward on Busy/No Answer – transfer calls if the line is in use or doesn’t answer.
  • Music on hold – Plays music to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold.
  • Auto attendant – The system includes the ability for incoming callers to navigate through menus using the phone keypad.
  • Non-Geographic – You can have phone numbers with any UK area code if your business covers multiple areas.


Cost Effective

Reduced Waste


Document Security

Through our trusted printer and multifunction machine partners, we supply fully-supported printers, scanners, copiers, and everything you may need for document management. Our document solutions are tailored to your needs to provide cost-controlled, efficient equipment, whilst maintaining a personal and reputable service.


We provide the highest quality equipment that is current in both technology and performance. Our full-service & maintenance support packages include site surveys, delivery, installation, networking, and initial training as standard. Our printing products are guaranteed and supported for the duration of your service contract. We aim to respond to breakdown callouts within 4 hours.


Our multifunction touch screen devices can print, copy and scan using desktop, laptop and wireless mobile devices. Prices for these high-end devices are £80 (+VAT) per month for our fully-featured 30 ppm A4 colour multi-functional device and £120 (+VAT) per month for our fully-featured 30ppm A3 colour multi-functional device.

Office Printer Portsmouth Hampshire



Disaster Recovery

Contingency Plan

Cloud Backup

For all businesses, there is no greater threat than the possibility of losing your data through a security breach, virus attack, or hardware failure. Be prepared and guard your company against a devastating loss with backup and disaster recovery services from Carrera UK. With both cloud and local backup solutions, our secure backups will protect you should a disaster strike. To protect your data it is critical to have a secure backup solution in place. Our backup solutions are monitored daily with test restores carried out regularly to prove the backups and restore processes are working fully giving you the peace of mind that your business is protected.

Data Backup Recovery in Portsmouth Hampshire


Remote Access

Mobile Compatible

Real Time

Motion Detection

We offer a flexible, high-quality CCTV solution that is both affordable and quick to install. We can design and install a high definition CCTV system tailored to your exact requirements. We can provide CCTV security for small to medium-sized business, including retail stores, hotels, mid-sized industry/manufacturing sectors, educational facilities, local councils, and residential.

Smart IP cameras with recording features that are designed to meet all professional market-sector requirements. Efficient bandwidth and storage utilisation, as well as unparalleled image quality and customer convenience.

CCTV Camera in Portsmouth Hampshire
CCTV Viewing in Portsmouth Hampshire

Remote viewing and playback are available on mobile devices and web browsers for that extra level of security. We support the system for you in-house and help out with any queries you may have. View your cameras live on your desktop or anywhere in the world on your mobile device. Instantly find and play-back recordings from anywhere.


Cross Device Synchronisation

Centrally Hosted

Easily Accessible


Emails that work amazingly. A clean, ad-free inbox synchronised across all your computers and devices. Spend your time communicating – not managing junk.

We provide a business class Email system with huge mailboxes with built-in security and simplified appearance. Our cloud-based Exchange email solutions take the work out of managing your email. All of your email folders will synchronise fully across all your computers and mobile devices so you can access emails instantly from anywhere.

Additionally, we offer a smart, self-learning Anti-Spam system to help protect you further against viruses, malware and phishing attacks. For more information on this click here

Email Antispam IT Support in Portsmouth Hampshire


Competitive Pricing

Hassle Free

Variety Of Solutions

Fully Managed

We provide and manage various types of broadband connections to suit the needs of every business. Usually, the highest speed fixed lines but also 4g and 5g solutions in hard to reach places. Wherever you are we will provide the fastest most cost-effective solution available to you. We will deal with all aspects of the order and install on-site. We are your first point of contact to resolve any interruptions to the service. We don’t use call centres, we have direct contacts to all networks to provide the fastest response and escalation to resolve any broadband issue.
Having a fast and robust broadband connection opens up the possibilities of us installing the latest modern IP phone system which will save on your overall telecoms costs. Please click here  for more information on our business phone systems.

Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

Up to 80mbp download speed
Unlimited usage
Widely available
Generally enough for most businesses where available

FTTP (Fibre To The Premises)

FTTP (Fibre To The Premises)

Up to 330mbps download speed - Unlimited usage
A fibre-optic internet connection direct to your premises
Very affordable for the speeds
Available in some locations including rural areas

Bonded Broadband

Bonded Broadband

Bond up to 6 ADSL or Fibre broadband connections together
Increased speeds, Increased stability
Acts as a Failover
Get one static IP address from up to 6 connections

ADSL Broadband

ADSL Broadband

Up to 24mbps download speed
Unlimited usage
Widely available

Leased Lines

Leased Lines

A dedicated line from the exchange to your premises - Uncontended
Up to 1gbps download speed - Unlimited usage
Synchronous Upload and Download speed
Great SLAs - You pick the speed you require

4G Broadband

4G Broadband

Up to 60mbps download speed
Can be used as a failover or mainline
Can bond multiple connections to increase speeds


Disaster Recovery

Express Turn Around

No Recovery, No Fee

Deleted File Recovery

Thanks to specialised techniques that have been developed in-house and with our partners cutting edge equipment we have a mass of collective experience. We have an exceptional success rate and are usually able to recover all data at the first attempt.
Whether the data is on a solid-state hard drive, USB drive, or a conventional hard drive we operate a no recovery no fee policy. If we can’t recover any data we won’t charge you a penny.

Computer Data Recovery in Portsmouth Hampshire






A strong and robust WiFi connection is now expected but a router tucked away in a corner or cupboard simply can’t deliver. WiFi extenders and powerline adaptors can help but often need rebooting, reconnecting and end up being the source of endless frustration. The solution is a managed WiFi setup.

If you’re considering whether to offer public WiFi then there are some serious considerations that you’ll need to take into account. For example, it’s necessary to ensure that you are acting responsibly legally compliant.

Managed Public WiFi Installation in Portsmouth Hampshire
Friendly WiFi Installation in Portsmouth Hampshire

No business should be putting their WiFi users at risk whether they are internal staff members or customers.
It’s also important not to put your own business at risk by giving out unsecured access to guests. Make sure you offer a separate, isolated guest WiFi connection from your business WiFi which should always have a secure and private login.
We can install various professional Access Points around your buildings that appear as one large WiFi network to cover all areas. We securely isolate the business network from any guest network.
We are an Authorised Provider of the government-backed Friendly WiFi Scheme which provides safe and filtered WiFi for your customers, blocking any inappropriate content and preventing you from being liable for any illegal activity from guest users.






An intelligent approach to tackling unwanted mail and the associated junk.


Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing, ransomware and malware attacks

Our AntiSpam solution applies its proprietary self-learning smart technologies to eliminate spam mail and threats before it reaches your network or device.


Detect new spam and malware outbreaks

Our AntiSpam solution applies continuous updates to keep up with new threats.

Email Antispam IT Support in Portsmouth Hampshire
Email Antispam in Portsmouth Hampshire

Improve resource efficiency and save on your current hardware resources

With our highly efficient first-level incoming filter defence running in front of your mail infrastructure, you will no longer need to deal with vast amounts of incoming email spam.


Improve employee productivity and be in full control of your email flow

With our AntiSpam solution lost time in dealing with spam is reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing all users to fully concentrate on their business tasks.


Increased email continuity

An extra protective layer of incoming filter to your email flow and infrastructure adds redundancy and continuity to your email delivery process. When the destination mail server is unreachable, Our AntiSpam solution filtering systems will queue inbound email.




Cost Effective

Fully Supported

We supply, install, configure and maintain everything your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently. EPoS hardware including Touch Screen Terminals and tablet systems suitable for pubs, restaurants and retail.

An EPoS system can increase sales and efficiency through better stock management, prevent fraud, monitor staff productivity, and an improved customer experience.

Through a wide range of reports, you will be able to see which are the fast or slow-moving items, what time of day sales are made, which outlets are most profitable and which products make you the best profit.

Our Epos systems are intuitive and will enable your staff to process simple or more complex orders, create and edit tabs, transfer bar orders to kitchens and tables and so much more. All your sales data, order logs, journals and more are accessible via our integrated back-office software to improve day-to-day monitoring and decision making. No up-front costs just a low weekly fee only payable once the tills are in place and working for you.

EPOS Till Checkout in in Portsmouth Hampshire


High Performance

Always Current Spec

Full Support Included


It is vital for companies to keep up with the rate of technological change to maintain their competitive edge. IT leasing can help fulfil this need. Companies can access the latest hardware and software, Installed and fully supported with no upfront costs.

Laptop Computer Lease in in Portsmouth Hampshire
Office Computer Lease Equipment in Portsmouth Hampshire

Why you should consider leasing your IT equipment:

  • Pay for use, not ownership
  • Overcome budget limitations. Access your new IT equipment straight away rather than when budgets allow
  • Tax-deductible as a leasing is treated as an operating expense
  • Conserves capital expenditure, maintains liquidity, and improves cash flow
  • Avoids depreciation
  • No initial outlay
  • Keep your technology up to date by changing for new computers as new technology arrives



Cost Effective

Fully Managed

Access From Anywhere

Secure, expandable, collaborated and synchronised working for a single user or a large team.
If you use more than one computer, or have a smartphone as well as a PC, you’ve probably endured the hassle of trying to share your files across them. Cloud computing could be the solution.

Examples of Cloud computing are secure file sharing, emails, backups and disaster recovery. Depending on the number of users cloud computing could be the most cost-effective way to provide business-class IT services for your business.
The term Cloud computing is often used generically for software as a service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Cloud Backup in Portsmouth Hampshire



Cost Effective

Fully Managed

Access From Anywhere

Efficient, productive, convenient and cost-effective remote working.
Recently working from home or indeed working from anywhere has proved to be both productive and cost-effective. Many businesses have started to use video conferencing and team working from home for the first time.

Employers and employees alike are now facing the challenge of juggling work, childcare and home-schooling. Setting up home working provides a flexible working environment to meet these needs. We can set up both IT and business phones to function in the just same way as being in the office.

Remote Working From Home IT Support in Portsmouth Hampshire



Cost Effective

Fully Managed

Access From Anywhere

Sensitive data should be managed and disposed of securely and in full compliance with government regulations. Businesses now collect and store massive quantities of data. This information sits on local Computer hard drives and servers, mobile devices, and often, in the cloud.

Storage trends are continually evolving, there has never been a more important time to have a secure and reliable way to not only locate what data you hold but to also destroy it when needed. This is not just a matter of business security but also regulatory reform with GDPR – data subjects now have a right to have their data deleted from a company’s systems upon formal request.

Data Destruction GDPR Compliance in Portsmouth Hampshire
Computer Data Destruction in Portsmouth Hampshire

This is particularly important today as the falling cost of mass storage has led many businesses to simply keep vast quantities of their information instead of operating a disposal strategy. Data is permanently destroyed using mechanical shredding or degaussing. Destruction certificates and reports are issued to the client as required.

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