Carrera UK’s intelligent antispam solution will prevent unwanted junk mail and malicious phishing email from reaching your business’s inboxes.

By using self-learning technology, our antispam solution constantly evolves to protect your business against the latest malicious attacks sent by email, ensuring you’re your business is protect against new outbreaks of spam, malware and phishing attempts. Not only is your business protected, your inbox will only consist of legitimate emails, meaning that you can spend more time focusing on your work, and not spending time filtering through junk mail.

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Email Antispam IT Support in Portsmouth Hampshire
Email Antispam in Portsmouth Hampshire
Email Antispam in Portsmouth Hampshire

Carrera UK’s reliable antispam service is priced at £5 (+VAT) per month to protect all email addresses on your domain.

By preventing malicious emails from reaching your inbox, you are protecting your business against phishing scams. Phishing scams trick users into giving away their personal details by imitating legitimate emails and websites. By preventing phishing emails from reaching your inbox, you are eliminating the risk of your staff falling victim to them, protecting your business, its data, and your customer’s data.

Using a spam filter provides extra protection for your business against the latest and evolving cyber-threats. Our team will set up our advanced anti-spam software on your business’s email addresses to ensure that you receive only safe emails from trusted sources.  



An antispam filter detects and filters out unwanted emails and prevents them from reaching the recipients’ inbox. Spam emails are identified using a variety of techniques including:

  • Reputation-based systems: Senders are assigned a score based on their past behaviour when sending emails. Senders with a low reputation score are more likely to be flagged as spam.
  • Machine learning: Artificial intelligence is used to learn patterns in spam emails, and apply them to the filtering process.
  • Content filtering: Antispam software will analyse the content of the email looking for triggering keywords such as “free money” or “prize draw” and block them.
  • Blacklists: Antispam software can use lists of known spam sources, such as IP addresses, email addresses, and domain names, to automatically block messages from those sources.
  • Whitelists: Antispam software can also use lists of known legitimate senders, such as the user’s contacts or other trusted sources, to automatically allow messages from those sources.

Defending inboxes with Carrera UK’s antispam solutions ensures your team stays focused on core priorities without wasting time manually identifying and removing spam. Contact us to find out how to protect your business.


An antispam or spam filter is a software designed to identify and prevent malicious and unwanted emails from reaching the recipient’s inbox. Antispam uses a filtering process that assesses the legitimacy of an email using various techniques such and blacklists, whitelists, sender reputation, and analysis of the email content.

A phishing email is a malicious and fraudulent email that imitates one from a reputable source, with the intention of tricking the recipient into providing sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers. These emails often contain links to fake websites that look similar to legitimate ones and are designed to steal personal information for criminal purposes such as identity theft or financial fraud. Phishing emails can take on many forms, including fake bank alerts, shipping notifications, or urgent requests, and can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from legitimate emails. It’s important to be cautious and vigilant when receiving emails, and to never click on links or provide personal information without verifying the sender’s authenticity.

Antispam filters can be very effective if they are high-quality, configured correctly, and use self-learning technology to stay up to date with the latest threats. Spam filters that use traditional rule-based approaches quickly become outdated whereas, intelligent, self-learning antispam filters, like the filters provided by Carrera, are much more effective at learning about and adapting to evolving cyber threats. However, no antispam filter is 100% effective, as spammers are constantly finding new ways to evade filters. Whilst nearly all malicious emails can be prevented by effective spam filters, some (but very few) spam emails may pass through. Therefore, it is important that your staff remain vigilant and educated on how to recognise malicious emails.

Educating yourself on the key characteristics of phishing emails is one of the best methods to protect yourself and your business. Some of the key things to look out for are:

  • Wrong email sender: Check the email address of the sender rather than the name assigned to it. Check for generic domains, wrong spellings, and numbers in place of letters.
  • Urgent calls to action: Urgency is used to scare the user into taking action, giving away information to scammers.
  • ‘Too Good to be True’ Emails: Emails that promise rewards usually in return for information are rarely true. This tactic is used to convince users to open and interact with the email.
  • Impersonal greetings: Generic greetings are usually a sign that the sender is sending a large number of emails to unknown recipients.
  • Bad spelling and grammar: Legitimate companies will use software to check and correct these before sending emails.

User errors are the largest cause of cyber security breaches. Therefore, it is vital that your staff are educated about the latest cyber security threat targeting users, and how to recognise them. Users can cause cyber security breaches by:

  • Using weak passwords: Using easily guessable passwords, reusing passwords for multiple accounts, and not updating passwords regularly.
  • Phishing: Falling for phishing scams, such as fake emails or websites posing as legitimate organisations, and providing sensitive information.
  • Social engineering: Users can be manipulated or tricked into giving up sensitive information of access to company systems.
  • Downloading malicious software: Visiting suspicious websites and downloading unverified files or clicking on links from unknown sources can introduce malware to a device.
  • Using out-of-date devices software: Devices and software is not updated attackers can exploit vulnerabilities that may have been repaired for newer updates.
  • Using unsecured devices: Losing devices or leaving them unsecured, such as not locking them when not in use or not protecting data on them with a secure password.

By having policies and antispam, in place, as well as vigilant staff, many of these threats can be eliminated.

Email spam and phishing attempts threaten all businesses, including small and medium-sized businesses. Implementing an effective antispam filter provides indispensable layers of protection. Here are the top reasons why every business should utilise an antispam filter:

  • Blocks malicious emails – Filters out dangerous spam and phishing attempts containing malware, ransomware or fraudulent links that could cause data breaches.
  • Improves productivity – Prevents the time wasted dealing with junk emails so employee time is focused on meaningful work.
  • Saves storage costs – Spam takes up unnecessary storage which adds up across mail servers and inboxes, which can increase costs over time.
  • Provides insights – Reports into spam types, targets and volume can help continuously improve security policies.
  • Ensure email continuity – Keeps inboxes functioning during periods of heavy spam attacks which can overwhelm servers.

The costs of paying for antispam filters are often considered minor compared to the consequences from threats, lost productivity and deliverability issues.

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