Having a fast and reliable broadband connection is crucial for businesses today. But with all the different speed offerings out there, it can be confusing to know what’s best for your business needs. Understanding broadband speeds will help you choose a plan that enables your business to operate efficiently.

For basic business operations with just a few connected devices, a download speed of 50Mbps is usually sufficient. This provides enough bandwidth for basic activities like sending &receiving emails, and web browsing. As your business grows, you may need faster speeds. 80Mbps can support more users and moderate data usage that includes transferring files and using cloud tools. For larger businesses, speeds of 100Mbps or higher are recommended for high-bandwidth activities to occur simultaneously without lag or disruption.

Upload speeds also matter for web apps and cloud storage. 10-20Mbps up is fine for basic needs, but higher speeds like 50Mbps+ enable seamless syncing, backups, and uploading large files.

The Risks of Slow Broadband Speeds

A slow internet connection can severely connect a business’s operations. Employees may waste time waiting for emails, files, and web pages to load, and lagging video calls reflect poorly on a company’s professionalism. A poor connection can also constraint growth by preventing the adoption of new technologies such as cloud file-sharing capabilities. While faster broadband plans can be more expensive, a slow speed can impacts productivity and opportunities more than the expense of upgrading.

If you're not sure what speed broadband you're getting or what speed is suitable for your business operations, contact us and we can carry out an assessment to determine what broadband speed is right for you.

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