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Carrera UK can securely remove and destroy sensitive data in full compliance with government regulations.

Businesses now collect and store massive quantities of data. This information sits on local computer hard drives and servers, mobile devices, and often, in the cloud. Storage trends are continually evolving, there has never been a more important time to have a secure and reliable way to not only locate what data you hold but also destroy it when needed.

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Data Destruction GDPR Compliance in Portsmouth Hampshire
Computer Data Destruction in Portsmouth Hampshire
Computer Data Destruction in Portsmouth Hampshire

This is not just a matter of business security but also regulatory reform with GDPR – data subjects now have a right to have their data deleted from a company’s systems upon formal request.

This is particularly important today as the falling cost of mass storage has led many businesses to simply keep vast quantities of their information instead of operating a disposal strategy. Data is permanently destroyed using mechanical shredding or degaussing. Destruction certificates and reports are issued to the client as required.

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