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Verify your business’s cyber security for vulnerabilities with safe and comprehensive penetration testing (pentesting) of your network and IT systems.

Penetration testing analyses your business’s cyber security by replicating a genuine cyber-attack to scan your IT systems and network for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Pentests are an important aspect of cyber security and reducing the risks of cyber-attacks on your business: The report produced as a result of the test will highlight areas of weakness in your IT systems to be addressed and resolved before they can be exploited by cyber-criminals.

Through our trusted partners, Carrera UK carry out penetration tests on your business’s IT infrastructure and provide solutions to improve upon vulnerabilities to ensure that your business is as secure as possible.

Penetration testing (pentesting) of networks, IT systems and IT infrastructure

When your penetration test is complete, your business will receive a detailed report on the results of your security scan. Any findings will be categorised using a severity rating so that a plan can be created to implement fixes for any vulnerabilities, starting with the most severe. Fixes like improvements on your network can usually be conducted remotely, but in some cases, new hardware like routers may need to be implemented. By carrying out the improvements recommended as a result of the pentest, you can be assured that the risk of cyber security breaches has been reduced.

Not only to pentests demonstrate to clients and business partners that your business have a continuous commitment to cyber security, your business may be asked to have a penetration test or vulnerability assessments as verification of a secure IT infrastructure by network providers, insurance providers, or certification auditors. Cyber insurance providers may not provide coverage until a comprehensive assessment has been carried out on your business to verify that your IT systems and network are secure. If your business is in the process of gaining its Cyber Essentials Plus or ISO27001 certifications, a penetration test report will also demonstrate compliance with the certifications’ cyber security requirements.

It is recommended that penetration tests are carried out once a year but they may be required more frequently by some insurance providers. Additional pentests may also need to be conducted after significant IT infrastructure changes, undergoing business mergers, and when conducting work for large commercial clients, or clients that handle sensitive data such as health professionals.

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