VoIP phones use the internet to make calls rather than a traditional landline. This means that you can use your phone wherever you have an internet connection, whether you are in the office, or working from home.

Maintaining Professionalism

When you are working from home, or you take advantage of hybrid working, it is important to maintain your business’s professionalism. This means that customers can still contact you easily, whether you are in the office or at home – they shouldn’t notice a difference between you working at different locations. By simply plugging your VoIP phone into your router, your phone will be ready to use at home, just as easily as when you are in the office.

Using Your Office Phone Number

By using a VoIP business phone, you can use your office phone number for both inbound and outbound calls wherever you are calling from. This means that customers can contact you on the same number, without delays for diversions or transfers.

Headset for VoIP Phone on a Laptop Used to Provide Remote IT Support
Using Your Mobile Phone

If you’d rather not carry your phone backwards and forwards to your office, or you are working from home on a short-term basis, you may prefer to use a ‘softphone’. This means you can use your mobile phone, or laptop, via a dedicated app or using Microsoft Teams, to make and receive your business calls. This also means that your office phone number can be used from and to your mobile devices, maintaining business continuity for your customers.

Stay Connected With Your Team

Although members of your team may be distributed around the office, at home, or out on site, they can be easily contactable by their phone extension. Team members do not need to be sat at their desks to answer your calls as their extension can ring on both their desk phone and their mobile phone. You can contact each other wherever you and your team members are simply by dialling their extension.

Not only do VoIP business phones help you and your team work from home, they have an extensive list of other useful features to improve your business and your customer relations. Find out about the other features of VoIP phones here.

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