Offering public WiFi to customers has become the norm for businesses. However, as a business owner, it’s crucial to ensure that your public WiFi is safe for users and doesn’t compromise your own network security.

Most people these days use their smartphones when they’re out and about, and expect to be able to use a WiFi connection when they stop at a shop, pub, or café – especially in an area with limited phone signal. When offering customers public WiFi, there are some considerations that business owners should take into account.

No business should be putting their WiFi users at risk – whether they are customers or internal staff members. It is important that you do not put your own business at risk by providing unsecure WiFi access to customers.

When offering WiFi to customers, the public WiFi should be separate from your own, private business connection. This allows your customers to access the internet without compromising your business network security.

Customer using safe public WiFi in a cafe under the Government's friendly WiFi scheme

One of the most popular solutions is the UK Government-backed Friendly WiFi scheme. Friendly WiFi is a certification that meets minimum filtering standards that blocks any illegal activity and websites on the network. Businesses that have Friendly WiFi implemented have a WiFi service that is safe for all users to access, whilst protecting their business from liability of illegal sites on the network. The Friendly WiFi symbol will be displayed at these businesses and is commonly found at cafes, shops, restaurants, hotels, and on public transport. Your customers can have peace of mind knowing that their WiFi connection has an industry-recognised standard level of filtering that protects both customers and business owners.

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