Passwords are one of the most important aspects of IT security. Someone guessing your password can lead to major data breaches which are dangerous for your business and its reputation. It is important that you and your employees use strong, secure passwords for their accounts to avoid this. Here are some tips for making your password more secure:

Avoid Using Personal Information

Passwords that use a user’s personal information are easy to guess, especially if this information is shared online on social media. Information such as pet names, children’s names, significant dates and addresses may be easy for the user to remember, but they are used too commonly in password creation. Hackers who have access to this information will be able to use it to guess your passwords and gain access to your accounts.

Avoid Single Words

Not only are single words easier to guess than a combination of words, cybercriminals are also known to have used software that tries every word in the dictionary to gain access to accounts. By using a combination of words, the chance of hackers gaining access to your account decreases exponentially.

Using Secure Passwords
Use Different Passwords

Whilst it may be easier for users to remember only one password, it can expose several accounts to unauthorised access. If a hacker gains access to one account, they have access to all accounts that use the same password, including all the data stored on those accounts. Using different passwords will reduce the risk of multiple account breaches. In the event of an account breach, the hacker will only have access to one account. If users find it difficult to remember multiple passwords, a secure password manager tool can be used.

Use a Combination of Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

The most secure passwords are created from a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Random combinations of these will make it harder for hackers to guess these passwords and gain access to your data.

Use Random Words

Some of the most secure passwords are created using a string of random words, with the addition of numbers and symbols. By using random words, it is less likely that the password has been used by anyone anywhere else making it unique. It also ensures that the password length meets security requirements, whilst making it easier for the user to remember.

For more tips on improving your business’s cybersecurity, contact our team of IT technicians.

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