Windows Server 2012 is nearing the end of its supported lifespan, with Microsoft ending regular security updates and technical support after the 10th of October 2023. This means that organisations still running Windows Server 2012 will no longer receive security updates or technical after this date.

For businesses relying on Windows Server 2012 to operate essential IT systems and infrastructure, it is important to plan an upgrade path now to prevent disruptions. Failing to upgrade from Windows Server 2012 could expose your data and systems to potential cybersecurity threats.

What Happens When Support Ends?

Cybersecurity Risks – Microsoft will no longer release security updates – any remaining servers will be susceptible to new cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Non-Compliance – You may also risk non-compliance with cybersecurity insurance and certifications such as Cyber Essentials if you continue to run Windows Server 2012.

Limited Hardware & Software – As new hardware and software emerge, they may become incompatible with Windows Server 2012 limiting the options available to your business.

Declining Performance – Over time, an unsupported operating system is prone to performance issues, affecting business operations and productivity.

Upgrade Options

For organisations currently using Windows Server 2012, we recommend upgrading to a cloud-based solution:

  • Migrate to Azure Virtual Machines – Transition workloads to virtual machines in Azure for scalability and simplified management.
  • Adopt Office 365 services and SharePoint – Utilise Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications.

Our team at Carrera UK can assess your infrastructure and requirements to determine the optimal upgrade plan for your business. We can also provide ongoing support for your new system to ensure that your business can work most efficiently.

Contact us for guidance on upgrading your Windows Server and keeping your business systems secure and supported beyond October 2023.

Find out more about our server support services here.

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