One of the most common causes of cyber attacks and data breaches is caused by malware, ransomware, and phishing scams in malicious emails. Preventing these emails from reaching your inbox can be one of your business’s best defences.

An antispam solution can protect your emails and your business by preventing them from reaching your inbox at all. Malicious emails can contain links that can install malware or ransomware, or attempts to phish for your data such as bank accounts, leading to major data security breaches. If the email isn’t there to interact with, there is less risk of your staff making a mistake that could cause dangerous or expensive consequences for your business.

Antispam solutions will filter through your incoming emails, blocking spam, phishing and ransomware, and allow legitimate emails through. This will also ensure that your inbox is tidy and free from junk, increasing your staff’s productivity as they do not need to spend time sorting through vast amounts of spam emails. To keep up with the latest cyber security threats, antispam solutions should use an intelligent approach using AI and the newest updates.

Carrera UK's Antispam Service

By adding this extra layer of security to your emails, you have peace of mind that your business is protected against many of the most common cyber threats.

Find out more about Carrera UK’s email service here. We also provide an additional antispam service to help protect your business. Find out more here.

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