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2911, 2023

The Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Small Businesses

29th November 2023|

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become an essential cybersecurity tool for businesses of all sizes. Implementing MFA provides multiple layers of protection that can significantly reduce the risk of costly data breaches. But what exactly is MFA and what key benefits does it offer for SMEs? What is MFA? MFA requires users to present two or more verification [...]

1511, 2023

What Happens If My Email Account Is Compromised?

15th November 2023|

For small businesses today, email is a vital communication and productivity tool, so if one of your email accounts is compromised, it can cause serious problems for your business. A compromised account can result in anything from lost data, to identity theft. Here’s what to watch for and how to respond if you suspect an email account breach. [...]

211, 2023

What is Friendly WiFi?

2nd November 2023|

Offering free WiFi at your business can attract more customers and improve their experience when visiting your premises. However, providing open guest WiFi also comes with potential risks, such as customers accessing inappropriate or illegal content on your internet connection. This is where the government-backed Friendly WiFi scheme can help. Friendly WiFi is an initiative designed to [...]

1210, 2023

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams for SMEs

12th October 2023|

Microsoft Teams is an essential collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes. While large enterprises often have extensive IT resources, small and medium-sized businesses can also have significant benefits from using Teams. Here are some of the key advantages Microsoft Teams offers to SMEs. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration Teams makes it easy for employees to communicate and [...]

2809, 2023

Windows Server 2012 Reaches End of Life

28th September 2023|

Windows Server 2012 is nearing the end of its supported lifespan, with Microsoft ending regular security updates and technical support after the 10th of October 2023. This means that organisations still running Windows Server 2012 will no longer receive security updates or technical after this date. For businesses relying on Windows Server 2012 to operate essential IT [...]

709, 2023

Microsoft OneDrive vs. Microsoft SharePoint for Businesses

7th September 2023|

Microsoft offers two powerful solutions for cloud storage and collaboration: OneDrive and SharePoint. While both services provide secure storage and file sharing capabilities, they have distinct features that cater to different business needs. We’ve compared OneDrive and SharePoint, highlighting their key differences: Individual vs. Team Collaboration OneDrive is primarily designed for individual file storage and personal productivity. [...]

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